The only loudspeakers with the power to adapt to any performance.

StageSource® delivers amazing sound quality, incredible power and innovative DSP technology—so you’ll sound your absolute best every time you hit the stage. Six DSP-based PA speaker modes allow you to adapt StageSource to any live sound situation. L6 LINK™ digital networking technology makes set up a breeze. And select models let you connect anything you need—StageSource L3t and L2t feature multiple inputs for microphones, instruments, external mixers and MP3 players. Get the power, coverage and clarity your music deserves with StageSource.

Digital Wireless system (디지털 무선마이크 시스템)


The gold standard in sound quality and performance.

We know you’re constantly striving to take your performance to the next level. That’s why we designed XD-V digital vocal wireless mic to provide the stunning sound quality and reliable performance you need to sound your best every time you hit the stage.

Line 6® digital wireless mic technology is the most mature in the market and continues to set standards in sound quality, ease of use and versatility. Thanks to our advanced technology, XD-V conveys every nuance of your performance in the most natural way, with full dynamic range.